Articles by: Miss Sewell

Year 4 – Dali moustache madness!

As Dali class, we found out more about Dali – not just his art works but also that he was a bit of a crazy character, who was famous for his moustache. We drew self portraits and then added our own Dali inspired moustaches! In English, we have been studying […]

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Year 4 First Week

Year 4 have made a great start to the year – full of enthusiasm for learning. Yesterday we had an exciting new experience of spending time on the Life Bus. We met Harold the giraffe and followed him on his adventures, which included us accompanying him on a journey into […]

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End of Year 3

Wow what a year – Hedgehog houses, The Iron Man, Celtic Harmony Camp, Aztec feasts, Shadow Puppet Theatres and The Chocolate Wedding just to name a few of the activities this year. We’d like to thank the children for their enthusiasm for learning; they have been a pleasure to teach. […]

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Year 3 – Aztecs

We have had great fun learning about the Aztecs. We have learnt about life in Aztec times by looking at maps, Aztec codices (Aztec books) and using Google Earth to look at the remains of an Aztec temple. We have found out about: Aztec gods and temples; what life was […]

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Year 3 – The day of the Triffids!

Year 3 are turning into budding horticulturists! After receiving a letter from Mr Price, who was having trouble growing his tomato plants, we studied plant growth in order to be able to give him some advice! This generated much enthusiasm and discussion. We planned and carried out our own investigations, looked at […]

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New Term Year 3

It has been lovely to have the children back in class and enthusiastic to learn again. This week we have been writing our own poems and have started to create an anthology which we hope to share with other classes. HOMEWORK is to find a poem they like and want […]

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Bee-Bot alula!

Well what a busy week we have all experienced. The BMX stunt assembly was greeted with great enthusiasm and wonder. This was followed by a visit from our county adviser on Wednesday, he was very impressed by the teaching and learning throughout the school, hurrah, we try our best. He […]

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Merry Christmas!

Dear Parents, First of all can we all say a huge huge thank you for all your generous gifts which will keep us in good cheer over Christmas. We made it to the end of term, hurrah! It has been lovely getting to know your children and we are looking […]

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Year 3 – Christmas Cakes!

It’s been a busy few weeks in Year 3! In Science, we’ve been finding out about bones and skeletons. We’ve also been learning about earthquakes and volcanoes. The children produced an amazing variety of creations for their homework from PowerPoints and booklets to pictures and 3D models. This week, we’ve made […]

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Year 3 In Ruins

You may notice your children are somewhat sticky and excitable tonight. We had a wonderful day today making Stonehenge out of cake and buttercream. As you can imagine it wasn’t a quiet activity however it was very enjoyable and very tasty. Have a great holiday completing your own cookery homework.