Year 4

no business like show business

People of year 4, We are very fortunate to have Dr Collins with us this half term. She has been working at Roselands School in Hertford via the School Direct programme and is now based in our class for her  placement. She is enjoying herself very much and the children […]

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Stoic philosophy

People of Year 4! The inexorable march of time leads us forth into that week between weeks, known as half term. A small piece of paper has been placed in book bags – I witnessed it so I believe it to be true. If you hear any stories to the […]

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New Year’s Greetings

Salutations and new year jollity to the people of year 4. I must admit that the celebrations marking yet another year passing feels like an eternity ago. Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for your thoughtful Christmas gifts. I enjoy looking at the cards and feeling the […]

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Marshmallows and microbes

People of year 4, The English language is full of confusion. On this screen there is an instruction telling me to move to bin and then publish. Things aren’t that bad yet, despite global events.  I have been in airplane toilets that command me to depress a pedal. No amount […]

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Year 4 Update

Friends of Year 4, We survived London and London survived us! Thank you so much to our wonderful team of parent helpers who can now answer any questions relating to Ancient Egypt and the location of toilets in the British Museum, an honour I share with them as I spent […]

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The Year 4 Digest

Salutations, people of Year 4, The time is quite literally flying by. As the sand trickles through the hour glass we in Year 4 are doing our very best to develop our learning muscles and exercise our jaws through the eating of homework. The homework continues do dazzle and delight […]

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Stop Press: Year 3 Reinvents Itself.

Dear friends of Year 4, How happy I am to be back online. I have experienced technical difficulties but now I return, not with my poison pen but my feisty fingers, delivering the latest news from the community previously known as Year 3 and now reinventing itself as: YEAR 4. […]

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Year 4 – Gurdwara

This morning, Year 4 visited a gurdwara (a Sikh place of worship).  We enjoyed seeing the different features of the gurdwara, learning more about the Sikh religion and trying some of the food too!