Year 4

Year 4 Update

Friends of Year 4, We survived London and London survived us! Thank you so much to our wonderful team of parent helpers who can now answer any questions relating to Ancient Egypt and the location of toilets in the British Museum, an honour I share with them as I spent […]

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The Year 4 Digest

Salutations, people of Year 4, The time is quite literally flying by. As the sand trickles through the hour glass we in Year 4 are doing our very best to develop our learning muscles and exercise our jaws through the eating of homework. The homework continues do dazzle and delight […]

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Stop Press: Year 3 Reinvents Itself.

Dear friends of Year 4, How happy I am to be back online. I have experienced technical difficulties but now I return, not with my poison pen but my feisty fingers, delivering the latest news from the community previously known as Year 3 and now reinventing itself as: YEAR 4. […]

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Year 4 – Gurdwara

This morning, Year 4 visited a gurdwara (a Sikh place of worship).  We enjoyed seeing the different features of the gurdwara, learning more about the Sikh religion and trying some of the food too!

Year 4 – Rainforest Assembly

We really enjoyed our Rainforest Assembly this morning! It was great to be able to share what we’ve been learning. Our very own reporter, Teresa Green, came to St Andrew’s to find out about rainforests – and what a lot we could tell her!  We sung a song about the […]

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Year 4 – investigating sound

Year 4 have been investigating sound this week.  We’ve looked at how different musical instruments produce sound.  We made our own string telephones and were amazed that we could hear each other through them.  Whilst we were experimenting, we found out that you could have the strings crossing so that more […]

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Year 4 – International Day

Yesterday, Year 4 travelled to Japan for the day!  We made sushi, learnt to speak and write words in Japanese, created art work based on paintings by the Japanese artist Hokusai, and even learnt some Judo.

Year 4 – Science week

We’ve had a brilliant science week learning all about space.  After discovering that Year 4 were going to have to live on a different planet, we planned our mission!  We researched different planets to find out which would be best to live on and then designed bio-domes so that we […]

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