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Year 4 – Update

Lots of learning has taken place this week in Year 4!  In Maths, we’ve been learning about column addition and subtraction.  In Science, we finished making our models of the digestive system and made posters to show what each part is and does. Have a look at our finished models: […]

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Year 2- 16.10.15

We have had a very busy week in Year 2. On Tuesday, we were kindly visited by the School Governors so we used this opportunity to start making our fire engine models. It was messy and fun! In Literacy, we wrote our own list poems about autumn. We edited them throughout […]

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Year 4 Update

We’ve had a great couple of weeks in Year 4.  We’ve been learning all about the digestive system.  We made our own models. In Maths, we’ve been learning about addition as well as negative numbers. We enjoyed playing a game where we needed to count back through zero. This week, […]

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Year 5 – Week ending 16-10-15

       We have had a very busy week! Tuesday was our annual Governor Day. Lots of our Governors came in to share the day with us. Mr David Jupp came into our class for the English lesson and worked with a small group of children. He really enjoyed his […]

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Year 3 – Rock and roll

As we approach Friday, a sense of mounting anticipation fills the classroom. Our week has been dominated by that fine institution, the class assembly. Time seems to pull and bend reality as we both speed and inch towards 9:05 am on Friday morning. I am delighted with the manner in […]

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Year One Weekly Update 9.10.15

We have yet again had a happy and productive week in Year One! In Literacy we have been writing our own Bear Hunt stories where we chose what kind of hunt we wanted to go on and wrote all about it! Some examples included…a rainbow hunt, a koala bear hunt […]

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Year 2- 9.10.15

It’s the end of an extremely busy and productive week in Year 2. Thank you to all those who attended our Collective Worship. The children were brilliant and rose to the challenge! This week, we attended the ‘Key Stage 1 Multi-skills Festival’ held at Wodson Park.The children took part in […]

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Year 5 – Week ending 9-10-15

Whoops… On re- reading last week’s blog I have realised that it was full of typing errors. Sorry about that folks. That is what happens when you write a blog quickly on a Sunday when you are feeling ill. I have done my corrections! I must say you are all […]

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Year 5 – NSPCC Danceathon

Year 5 danced their socks off to support the NSPCC – take a look at them enjoying their fund-raising!  Many thanks for sponsoring the children in this worthy cause.

This week in year 3

Hello everyone, This week we are busy preparing for Harvest and have put together an audiobook to be aired tomorrow in Church. This week so far, the children have continued their work on difference. We have been learning about being consistent in our use of tense and how to change […]

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