Enterprise Week – Monday 10th February to Friday 14th February 2014

Friday 14th February was designated as ourUNICEF Day for Change. Assembly enabled the children to reflect upon the impact of climate and poverty upon educational opportunity and that whilst a good education is actually a right of all children throughout the world, so many are denied this passport to a good standard of living in the future.  The children listened intently and were inspired to take action to raise both money and awareness so that all children have the opportunity to enjoy the good education that they take for granted.

The ways in which they are raising money is by making today our Enterprise Day. Each class was given £15 to ‘create’ something that they could then buy or sell to others.  This morning each class has been totally engrossed in learning more about the work of UNICEF and ‘making’.  Learning has even included researching the websites of several supermarché francais directly to find best value using our fabulous i-pads. Walking around the school with my camera I have seen decorated heart-shaped biscuits in Nursery; bookmarks in Reception; Dream Catchers in Year 1; people-shaped biscuits in Year 2; decorated tea-light holders in Year 3; delicious fresh fruit drinks in Year 4; decorated (and filled) sweet boxes in Year 5 and a French Café in Year 6.