Year 3 – Science Week

So far, science week has dazzled, astounded and inspired the children and the children at heart.

The letters regarding parent interviews have been distributed and I have already received three! As always, the staff will try their best to give you your desired time. If we are unable to meet in the designated times, then we can come to an arrangement about an alternative time.

The children are now fully getting into the swing of learning their spelling lists and I am pleased to see such effort going into the learning of correct spelling.

The homework booklet is designed to be dipped into. There are sections which we will work on in class.

We had several children from year 3 in book club last week. Please remember to sign the red reading record. Children often say that their parents have not signed their record despite having heard them read. If there is no red book, please sign a post-it note. If there is no reading book, please allow children to read freely from their own collection. The ultimate aim is for them to read willingly and voluntarily. Happily, this is the case most of the time.

Miss Castillo