Science Week 2016

scienceWk16I love Science!  That was amazing! Are two of the wonderful comments that I have heard repeatedly around school this week and what a week it’s been.  Again Science Week has been great fun and oh, the joy of learning new things .

Focusing on the Science of Space and doing so in a hands-on, investigative approach , the week has been packed full of experiments – whether in class, in workshops, or in the school grounds.   It has been out of this world in so many ways!!

One highlight was visiting Jerry Stone and It was great that so many of you came in to watch Jerry  launch some powerful air rockets.  (I have been asked whether Jerry’s excellent space book is still available to order.  It is – through the Office, costing £15.)

For me, the highlight was the Random Rockets, Superb Spacestations and Supersonic Satellites Family Challenge  that took place in the Hall on Wednesday evening.

75 parents and children teamed up to form 11 groups and were challenged to build the tallest and most imaginative rock, satellite or space-station, whilst demonstrating commitment and teamwork.

Whilst the Doyle family (Sophie in Year 5 and Charlotte in Year 1, with Jodie Berryman in Year 1 and Connie Hall in Year 5) were the overall winners, the results were so amazing that we ended up presenting prizes to every team – including one for the rocket most likely to collapse!  Great fun was had by all.

scienceWk16(1)This morning a panel of Governors had the near-impossible task of judging the fancy dress competition .

Imagination is alive and well at St. Andrew’s.  The first prize winners were:

Nursery: Etienne  (rocket man)

Reception: Billy  (robot)

Year 1: Harry (NASA spaceman)

Year 2: Samuel (solar system)

Year 3: Jack  (space station)

Year 4: Joseph (rocket man)

Year 5: Sophie (satellite)

Year 6: Joshua (Orion)

Governors’ Special Awards:

FS – Zoe (star in sliver)

KS1 – Emily (star girl)

KS2:  Emerson (green alien)

I hope they enjoyed their space-related prizes

Mrs Finn-Sambrook’s Special Commendation:  Zoe – Solar system

The furthest distance travelled by balloon rocket:

Year 5.

Also during the day we awarded prizes for: 

Best decorated balloon; most improved scientist; best question of the week and the Child most likely to be an astronaut: – I will tell you who won these in next week’s Newsletter

THANK YOU to all those who supported their children – whether from home or in school, whether their own child or someone else’s and whether as a parent, Governor, family member or friend.  It has been just wonderful to have so many of you in school this week.  I hope that you have enjoyed the experience as much as we have.   As well, you have given your children such a positive message by sharing in the experience with them.

THANK YOU TOO to the wonderful St. Andrew’s Staff team for all their preparation, hard work and care of the children and ESPECIALLY THANK YOU to Mrs Finn-Sambrook  for masterminding and leading the week.

THANK YOU to our panel of judging Governors who had to make near-impossible decisions

BUT THANK YOU AS WELL to the PTA for generously funding Science Week. Without their hard work it would not be possible and our children’s educational experience would be the poorer.