What a week!

It has been a very enjoyable and interesting week in year five!

All the children did extremely well with their “Bikeability” training, but spare a thought for poor Harry F who came down with a sickness bug during the week and missed too much learning to be able to “graduate”. never mind Harry you will be able to do it next year when you are in year 6 if you do not manage to do it before.

Safety alert: Children please remember that the lessons you have learnt during “Bikeability” week are to be used at all times when you are out and about on your bikes. A number of children have been seen leaving school this week riding their bikes home without wearing helmets!

We very much enjoyed the visit by Sarah Arnold ( no relation) on Wednesday as part of out Book Day celebrations. She really inspired the children and the sketches they produced during the work shop were amazing. Mrs. Finn and I are so looking forward to the stories that the children are now going to write based on their sketches and story boards. Well done to all those who dressed up, you all looked fabulous. A special well done to Isabel T. for winning the Best Fancy Dress prize for upper KS 2 and a “Highly Recommended” to Lily R.  All the children looked brilliant though, my particular other favourites were “Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum”!

I will endeavour to get a photo gallery put onto our blog as soon as possible.

A word on “Mathletics”, some of you may have noticed that the software was blocked for a while. This was because we are in negotiations with the “Mathletics” providers who have announced a 33% increase in the cost of renewing our subscription.  This is a great deal of money and we have to be sure that it is giving us value for money.



Maths – square number wheel

Local History study – you have two weeks to produce a plan, sketch, painting or 3 D model of your house or any other house of your choice. it can be from a “Bird’s eye view” or “front on” perspective.

One last to note – a final letter was sent out with regards to our forthcoming trip to Stibbington. Please look out for it and fill in the slip giving/not giving permission to administer pain relief.

Only 4 more sleeps until we go year 5!!!!!!

Have a good weekend

The Year 5 teaching team.