A poem by Tom Maggs

We have been learning how to compose our own poems over the past few weeks in year 5. All the children have engaged with this process with enthusiasm and have all produced great poems. We have produced a class poetry book and you are all welcome to pop in and have a quick read at any time in order to share in your children’s learning.

However there was one poem which we thought was just wonderful, written by Tom Maggs. The challenge set was to write a poem using all the words in the spelling list. We wanted, with his permission, to share it with you all. Here it is.      Enjoy:


A Poem by Tom Maggs


There was an amphibian frog

And his name, when he croaked it, was Bob,

Now Bob had a pheasanty friend

Who was pleasantly feathered, called Ben.


Ben and Bob were bored one day

So they invited a band to play,

A slow symphony

In their own pharmacy

Which they’d crazily built out of hay, Ok!


On the day of the concert it rained

The music just couldn’t be blamed,

But a physical typhoon

Came in far too soon,

And lightning set the building aflame.


A phoenix appeared from the fire

Up she flew, couldn`t get any higher,

Ben the pheasant he saw her

Fell in love and adored her

Atop the church they perched on the spire



Then the fire blew out with a spark

And a prophet appeared from an ark,

With a glad hyphen or two

And an apostrophe new

Pheasant and Phoenix married for a lark.


Well done Tom!