Happy Easter Year 5!

It has been a short half term but action packed!

Year 5 have been to Stibbington and we enjoyed handing out the certificates of merit today.

They have also been involved with “Bikeability” and  KNex challenges – well done to Kai and Alex on winning the competition, a picture of them with their winning medals has appeared in the Newsletter this week.

The Music Festival last night was an absolute treat, well done to all who attended. The soloists deserve a special mention as it takes a great deal of nerve and confidence to stand up all alone on front of an audience and narrate.Well done Sophie and Molly!

Some sad news today. Michael, who has been at St Andrew’s since Nursery,  announced this morning  that today was his last day with us. He will be attending a different school after Easter. We were able to give him a small send off in Child of the Week today. Good luck to him and we all wish him well for the future.


Homework to be handed in on Tuesday April 19th 2016

  1. Keep a diary of your time off during the Easter break. It must include at least ten entries and you must check spelling, punctuation, etc. It needs to be written to the best of your ability in neat joined up handwriting.You could turn it into a Scrap Book with photos and pictures if you wish.
  2. Read every day for a minimum of 15 minutes.Your book choice should be a classic children’s novel. We did discuss this in class today and we know that and all of you have a suitable book. Keep a record of your reading in your Reading Record book.
  3. On line Mathletics or Mathletics work books – Division, times tables and fractions work, 2 sessions on each topic. Your work books can be handed in, if you go on line for the Mathletics your time on line will be checked.

Happy Easter to you all

The Year 5 Teaching Team.