Year 5 Local Study Week

We have now finished our local study around Stanstead Abbotts. The children have learnt a great deal about the history of the area. We were lucky enough to have Ian and Andrea from Stanstead Abbotts History Society visit the class to talk to the children and answer any questions. The children were complimented on their enthusiasm for the subject.

We followed up our river walk  in class by comparing the past and present use and changes of the river and surrounding area.

We were very pleased with their behaviour and learning during these events. Well done year 5.


A maths investigation using the numbers 1-20, please read the sheet carefully. There is more than one answer. Please show your working out and explain how you solved the problem.

Literacy- identifying genre and adding appropriate vocabulary to the story extracts.

Spelling- for the children who got 20 in this weeks spelling test there are no spellings this week. Those who didn’t achieve this will be retested on the same spellings on Tuesday 3rd May.

Spring Term – our learning will be based around The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. Please encourage your children to research this topic.

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