Sports Day

Again this year the children are competing in their families during the morning.  It IS fiercely competitive, but in a team way. The games, organised by Year 5, are not ‘traditional’ games, but tap into skills that the children have learnt in their PE lessons and enable them to apply them in a different context.

Three brief examples of lovely moments:

  • Cerys G (Year 6) whilst tackling an obstacle game, “This is harder than it looks!”
  • Dennis S, Freddy M and Tom M (all Year 5) for just being so encouraging in ‘enabling’ younger children to succeed.
  • Rudi J and Jim M (Year 2) and James W (Year 1) for continuous, energetic cheering of their team mates.

The winning team for the morning were Argentina (who coincidentally also had the most points for teamwork and mutual support (indeed Koinonia) and were led by Miss Voss – who herself got a bonus point for enthusiasm!

It was great to see so many parents during the morning and even better to see them attempting the games with their children after the medal presentation!

Then, approximately 30 parents then lunched with their children on the field.

Then, this afternoon, we continued with the more traditional races, which were running really well until it started to rain with about 6 races to go.  With real St. Andrew’s determination the last few races continued, so that every child could take part in their two races.  Parental brollies went up and the children space-hoppered on in a somewhat slippery, but quite amusing fashion, before retreating to the Hall to declare Africa the overall winners on the day.

Thank you to all of you who supported your children.  I hope that you enjoyed the day.

Thank you to Mr.Cooper for all his excellent organisation that made the day ‘work’ so well, to Year 5 as his able assistants and to the PTA for the lollies.