Welcome to the Reception Blog

Welcome to the Reception blog. What a fabulous first few weeks it has been. We are learning so much about ourselves and our bodies, what they look like on the inside and the outside. We have a particular fascination with our bones and Sid the skeleton has shown us how they keep our bodies upright and protect our organs. We have also learnt the names of the special bendy bits called joints and we practise sounding these out and blending them in George’s Gym. For example George might say “Can you bend your kn-ee?” and we all bend our knee. George might ask us to “h-o-p” and we hop. It’s really good fun and you can play this at home. George is ‘segmenting’ simple words and we ‘blend’ the sounds together to discover the word. When we learn our letters and sounds we put them together in the same way to blend (read) or segment (spell). This is how we learn to read and write. If you want to learn more then why not come to our Reading Evening on Thursday 3rd November from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

We have also been looking carefully at creatures in the environment. Every day we seem to find ladybirds in the garden. It’s very exciting examining them under the magnifying glass and trying to count their spots. We are getting very good at counting and recognising numerals. This week in maths, we plan to learn how to add one more and take away one to make one less. We are exploring shapes too and are becoming very good at recognising 2d shapes in the environment. You could practise this when walking to school. There are lots of interesting shapes in the roofs, windows and doors in Stanstead Abbotts.  This week we plan to create shape pictures and take our own photos of them using the school camera.

When asked what the children wanted to create as a role play area, one of the choices was to make a hospital. The children helped plan and build our hospital and we now have a thriving medical practice where broken bones are being set and cuts and bruises mended (all role play of course). Do ask your children to show you when you come in the morning.

Here are some pictures of what we have been learning and how we have been exploring our new Reception classroom over the past few weeks. I hope you enjoy them.dscf3707

Making new friends and working together.

Exploring the vegetable patch looking for worms.
Carefully checking off insects found in the nature area.


Hammering pins into 2d shapes to make a picture.


Learning how to form our new sounds.


Writing the letter s in shaving foam.


Caring for patients in the hospital.


Finding out about doctors and patients and co-operating with friends.dscf3825 ptdc0052

Reading to sick patients to help them feel better.