The Year 4 Digest

Salutations, people of Year 4,

The time is quite literally flying by. As the sand trickles through the hour glass we in Year 4 are doing our very best to develop our learning muscles and exercise our jaws through the eating of homework. The homework continues do dazzle and delight and I am finding things out about pop music I never knew. As someone who favours any of the top hits of 1788, I am astounded to hear what the young folk listen to these days.

Speaking of time, we continue to do battle with this most vexing concept. We run out of time talking about time and time and time again I have to ask for long hands and short hands to be the right way round. There is light at the end of the time tunnel and I am pleased with the way the children are working to improve their skills across the whole curriculum.

In this  Digest, I would ask you to help us digest  our digestive studies. I think some of you are aware of the fun times we have been having with the oesophagus and its friends. The next step is to create an artistic homage to our internals. We need found objects, ie, tubes, possibly flesh coloured tights we can fill with newspaper, anything you consider to bear some resemblance to a stomach, and so on. There might be something in a cupboard that has reminded you of a colon and you just couldn’t think of a use for it. Now’s your chance.


Thank you for the Harvest Produce. In due course it will be delivered to the Hertford Food Bank

Thank you also for your overwhelming response to requests for help on our forthcoming trip to the British Museum. What a shame we cannot go en masse. Is London ready for that?

I hope to see you at the curriculum evening.

Miss Castillo