Year 4 Update

Friends of Year 4,

We survived London and London survived us! Thank you so much to our wonderful team of parent helpers who can now answer any questions relating to Ancient Egypt and the location of toilets in the British Museum, an honour I share with them as I spent most of the day becoming acquainted with the staircases and lifts leading to and from these marvelous facilities. What wonders….so many stairs, so very many stairs…The children were well behaved and engaged with the exhibits. They were a credit to us all. It was an excellent opportunity to contextualise the learning that has been undertaken in class.

Thank you to Sarah Gardiner who visited us both on Governors Day and also on Friday to deliver a talk about money and her experiences in Barclays Bank. I was most relieved when the children asked about bank robberies because it was on my mind to ask about famous heists but I held my tongue. Luckily, I share the children’s interest in cops and robbers. The children thoroughly questioned Mrs Gardiner and I am sure we could have kept her there for hours finding about about currency, exchange rates, what branches actually are and what debt is. We also talked about the Royal Mint and, of course, the new five pound note. I was unaware that it is possible to sell this item. There is a budding city trader in the class who is starting with the new note…he is selling it for six pounds.

This coming week sees the close of Autumn 1 which seems to have gone in the blink of an eye. Yet, that is what life is like in Year 4…a whirlwind.

Also, another thank you to the parents who are coming in to read. I cannot tell you how much this is appreciated.

See you at the consultations.

Miss Castillo