Autumn walks and exciting discoveries

Last week we learned how to write our own story based on the ‘Bear Hunt’ and this week some children have independently gone off to write their own stories. Ella is off on a ‘Fish Hunt’ and Elodie has written about a ‘Jelly-fish Hunt’.dscf4136     p1040198

What a wonderful day we have had in Reception. This morning we learnt all about Armistice Day and why we wear poppies. We also spent two minutes in silence while we watched the BBC coverage at cenotaphs around the country. We talked a little about the soldiers fighting for our freedom. This tied in really nicely with our new value for the term.

We’ve also been talking about how lucky we are to live in a country where we have the freedom to celebrate whatever cultural festivals our family celebrates. Last week we looked at how British Hindu and Sikh families celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights. We compared it with our celebrations of Christmas as there is much in common such as house decorating, special food preparation and eating, and gifts for family and friends. To help us understand more about different ways of celebrating, we dressed in Indian costume and danced to Bollywood music. We made bracelets and played the tabla along to the Bangra style music.dscf4171dscf4173dscf4174dscf4169dscf4170

CBEEBIES show some great clips on BOOGIEBEEBIES if you are interested in doing this at home. The children explored with Indian cookery items, filling and pouring with rice. They have decided that we should turn the hospital into an Indian Restaurant and spent today planning and making lists about what we will need.

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If any of you are keen cooks and would like to come and cook a curry or other Indian style meal then please do tell me. Did you know that Hindu’s also have a big fireworks display at this time of year? We have talked a lot about the sights and sounds of fireworks on bonfire evening and we all created a fireworks picture and wrote down the sounds we heard. Do come and have a look at our pictures next time you are in.We are really looking forward to sharing all our learning with you on Monday during the Show and Share session from 2 to 3 p.m. At 2:45 pm we will sing a couple of songs we learnt during our topic work on Marvellous Me.

We are really excited about going up to the Dining Hall for lunch again on Monday. This afternoon Mrs Randall explained the rules of behaviour on the lunchtime playground. It was such a beautifully sunny afternoon that we stayed and played there. We jumped on the number ladders and hopscotch then played shadow tag. We explored making our shadows grow and shrink by changing our body shape.

Later we scuffed through the leaves then used a needle and thread to collect leaves for our hedgehog home inside the classroom. While we were exploring the most amazing thing happened. We found a real, live hedgehog. It was sooooooo exciting. We took some video footage but unfortunately it is too big to show on this site  so here are some photos instead.  Enjoy the awe and wonder of our beautiful school grounds and the nature within and see you on Monday.