The Christmas Nativity and more

Christmas is coming. Woohoo! What a special time of year in Early Years. Thank you to each and everyone for supporting your children, helping them learn their lines and cleaning their costumes. Weren’t they fabulous throughout the Nativity performance? Not one tear and everyone took part. Also a huge thank you to everyone’s thoughtful behaviour remaining seated while we entered and departed the hall. This made a huge difference to the children’s well-being.

Next week we will attend Church on Monday 19th December for our Christmas service and you are most welcome to join us.

We are also planning a Happy Holidays party on the afternoon of Tuesday 20th December. There will be a party food list in the classroom by Thursday afternoon. Please remember to check the list to see if there is any party food you could help with. We plan to sing some Christmas songs , dance around the tree and hand out small gifts so it would be lovely if you could join us from 2:45pm. Just remember to sign in at the door to Reception.

Here are some photos from the dress rehearsal. Enjoy!