And now, the end is near and so I face the Christmas highway…

For those of you who are fans of Youtube, may I direct you to a brilliant snippet of a nativity wherein one of the Angels steals the show with her evangelical cries of “Yes, believer!” It’s simply called ‘Funny nativity’ and it encapsulates for me the juxtaposition of what is a deeply serious time with the madness and messiness of life.

As the term draws to a close, I find myself sitting in this classroom, noting that even the heater is full of attitude. It grunts and churns like a Victorian steam train. Sometimes it comes to a complete stop and there is silence. This silence is eerie and uncomfortable. When I least expect it, it starts up again. So it is through the days, rumbling forward, ever forward on the same tracks but the vistas are different and one can never accuse this trip of being monotonous.

Our journey through the Autumn term has been like any other in school life. There have been moments of rumbling along through the various objectives and targets coupled with an array of different scenes: children learning, asking questions, bickering, jumping, laughing , crying, eating, running, dancing, singing, playing and growing. I notice the growth, slow and steady as they refine their thinking and frame their knowledge anew. I watch as they reach conclusions about fact, fiction and folly. I observe them struggle with concepts and truths and all manner of trials and tribulations on the playground. Through it all, their light and vitality keep me inspired and amazed……and very tired. In the spirit of Homework Past, we have a range of suggestions which the children helped to compose and will, hopefully, feed their desire to drive their own discoveries and understand that learning happens in so many ways as long as we are open and curious.

May the spirit of Christmas:  that messy, mad, noisy and somewhat tiring time fill your lives with joy and peace and the comfort that we are all on the same journey with those lovely, loud angels in our care.

See you in the Spring term when I shall have a spring in my step.

Miss Castillo