Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…. in Reception class, there were many marvelous children who this week, amazed all the teachers across the land, by writing the most fabulous instructions about how to build a house. For this work they received a royal reward as class of the week with many marbles being placed in the treasure jar. Inspired by the Three Little Pigs, the children chose to build using a variety of materials. Sticks, straw and bricks were dutifully tested for wind resistance during ‘Explore and Learn’ and some adventurous entrepreneurs have now begun selling these materials off the back of their bikes whilst playing in the outdoor learning environment.

A royal decree was sent out across the land that the home corner must now be transformed. The many thespians among us voted that we should now have a theatre in which to act out our traditional tales. Today Mrs Bear was interviewed by Mrs Lewis and the rest of the class decided they too would like to question the characters so this week we will be writing questions to find out some in depth information about some of those infamous characters, The Billy Goats Gruff, Baby Bear and Little Red Riding Hood to name a few. ‘Wanted’ posters have gone up in search of Goldilocks, the Big Bad Wolf and the Troll who all seem to have fled the land so do be on the lookout for sightings.

As a result of baby bears broken chair and the introduction of a carpentry area a proclamation was sent out to find any furniture designers and builders. Across the classroom many children took up the challenge and dutifully created the most amazing chairs and beds for the Three Bears. These designs are displayed below for you to enjoy.

Life within Reception Wood continues to pass without incident. So many of the Traditional Tale folk are taking up the challenges set before them with great courage and now all our class are reading simple words. We are now learning to count to 100 and using whisper counting to emphasise counting in twos. Perhaps you could practise this at home. The odd numbers are always whispered.

Although there has been no sign of Elsa in the kingdom we have found a great deal of ice and frost. The children were asking why we put salt and grit on the ground so we experimented with putting salt on the ice to see what would happen. Ask your children what we discovered.

Have a wonderful week and keep a look out for the next Proclamation from Reception Land as we continue to live …happily ever after.