Year 6 BMX Workshop

On Monday Year 6 were treated to a brilliant workshop from Mike Mullen (World Amateur Champion!). The day started with an inspirational assembly in which Mike spoke to the children about his journey from an asthmatic lacking confidence in school to a World champion. The children heard stories about how Mike had to sacrifice his time  in order to practise tricks and raise money for new bikes. He spoke about the number of times he had fallen of off his bike but got back on in order to improve.

After this the children took part in a riding workshop where they were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone. First the children experienced a jump before having to ride without their hands on the bike. Finally the children were allowed to try any tricks that they liked for a judging by Mike. The eventually winners were Molly and Owen but really, all the year 6 children were winners.

Elise wrote this letter to Mike –

Thank you so much for this incredible experience; I have learnt so much from you and your words were so inspirational. I have a condition called CMT and it affects different people in different ways but for me it’s my arms and legs. Sometimes I do feel like giving up and stopping when things are hard but, thanks to you, I haven’t yet. You also encouraged me to not give up hope when times are tough. I defiantly won’t forget to ‘FLEARN’ (Learn from failure) since if you don’t fail and learn from it, then you won’t succeed in life. I feel so grateful to have you teach me as it was a real eye-opener. Thank you.