Welcome to the Year 5 blog!

Greetings, and welcome to the Year 5 blog which unfortunately took an unexpected hiatus! Still, let normal service resume. May this serve you as a hub of information and an acknowledgement of the work your children are producing in class.

It is hard to believe that we are half way through our school year, time plods ever on. As a teacher who spends everyday with your children, it is easy to forget the day-to-day victories that the children accomplish in their learning. It is not until I reflect back over the past 6 months that I realise how much the children have blossomed and developed into creative, determined individuals. It would be a saga of a post if I was to detail all the exciting learning endeavours we have undertaken in Year 5 thus far, but it does delight me to inform you of our most recent educational escapades. We have crossed the high seas, and travelled the passages of time, to visit Ancient Rome. The children were excited to learn the extent to which the Roman Empire covered the globe. The ethics of this was incredibly interesting to the children- several cheers and boos were heard as they listened to the story. We have delved into the life of the Roman Soldier, dressing him in his traditional outfit and researching information from a variety of sources. In an afternoon we constructed Roman villa models (take that Grand Designs!) and discovered why mosaics were central to the Roman interior design business. They then designed their own for your living room! We even listened to traditional Roman music and worked out how their wonderful instruments were played. All in all, we have had a successful start to our Roman topic and can’t wait to carry this on after half term.

On a sadder note, we have a large number of water bottles going missing- including 5 that were purchased for the classroom. Please can you check these haven’t been accidentally picked up by your child. They are all named with Miss Muncey and a number between 1 and 5; I would love to be reunited with them!

I look forward to seeing you all at the Show and Share morning- this Friday at 9:05,

Miss Muncey