Stoic philosophy

People of Year 4!

The inexorable march of time leads us forth into that week between weeks, known as half term. A small piece of paper has been placed in book bags – I witnessed it so I believe it to be true. If you hear any stories to the contrary, mark my words: homework has been set and it consists of further studies into English wildlife (water rats and foxes) and Mathletics tasks.

Those of you who attended the Show and Share this morning will know that the focus in literacy has included the use of semi colons, colons and dashes, inverted commas, homophones and word association. We are continuing with our study of The Wind in the Willows. It is a delightful text and the children enjoy the story immensely.

As I keep telling the children, errare humanum est;  salle de bains springs to mind –  apologies for the error. The second half of Seneca’s words are perhaps a little problematic:  Persevare autum diabolicum. I am not sure that there is a time limit to repeating a mistake. Obviously, the message to the children is that it is perfectly alright and human to make mistakes. Seneca suggests that to keep making the mistake is diabolical, in that tongue in cheek, post crucifixion upbeat style of his. I would argue that it is unfortunate, particularly if the mistake we make is of a moral nature, that is, hurting others. However, the mind that is open to learning should make mistakes more than once and develop the steeliness that comes from continually battling with the self to overcome the side effects of error, namely, the loss of confidence and feeling of futility.

It is the lesson we all have to learn…

Have a restful half term.

Miss Castillo