no business like show business

People of year 4,

We are very fortunate to have Dr Collins with us this half term. She has been working at Roselands School in Hertford via the School Direct programme and is now based in our class for her  placement. She is enjoying herself very much and the children are enjoying working with her, as am I.

I know that by now you may be tiring of hearing some of our show tunes. Possibly you are one of those people who have not had the joy because you have taken two cds home and neither works. Or perhaps you are one of those ultra hip people who have shunned cds altogether and only operate in digital format. Hopefully by the end of this week, all media issues will be sorted and those of you who are not singing the songs at home will remember this week fondly.

Putting on a production that depicts the final moments of Jesus’ life is not an easy thing to do by any stretch of the imagination and it is not one that is going to get us many laughs. However, it is going according to plan and we will entertain and inform. Also, we hope to have any costume requests sent out this week. As ever, the children are already throwing themselves into their roles and bringing in props and directorial suggestions.

Normal lessons are still part of the daily diet and more than ever we are asking the children to learn their tables to the point of instant recall. We have been finding fractions and this is made so much easier when the children know their tables!

A word about Book Worms. Book Worms is for pleasure not punishment. We are trying to keep the library open at lunch times so that children can read to the librarians, particularly if they are unable to read to someone at home. These children are always so busy! We want it to be a positive thing to come to Book Worms not something that is tinged with shame. Encourage them to come in and read or play a board game during the week.

Thank you,

Miss Castillo