Nursery Update

We have been enjoying learning about Traditional Tales in Nursery. Since half term we have been reading The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This week we are reading The Three Little Pigs and exploring what materials are the best for building with.

The Nursery children have come up with ideas about what to change the Role play area into, narrowed it down to three choices and voted for their preferred choice. . . . The result was a Pet Shop! They have helped to set up the Pet Shop, make a sign for it and write some price tags for what they are selling. Lots of children have been exploring the roles of shop keeper and customer in the role play area, as well as dressing up as various animals.

In phonics we have been listening to the sounds different instruments make and today some children have made their own shakers out of recycled plastic bottles filled with rice. If you have any spare plastic bottles (with lids) please bring them in this week so we can make some more shakers.
Thank you,

Miss Bowie