Year 2 Update

Life in Year 2 seems to be speeding all too quickly towards Easter!  We, the Year 2 teaching team, would like to thank you all for your positive comments at our recent parents’ evening and we embrace your continued support to prepare your children for their forthcoming challenge to demonstrate their literary and mathematical skill – you know what we are talking about!

The past couple of weeks has seen us brush up on many aspects of our mathematics learning:

We have been revising the names of 2D shapes and have learnt the names of many 3D shapes such as the sphere, cube, cuboid, cone, cylinder, square based pyramid and prism.  The children should be able to tell you about some of the properties of these 3D shapes using the mathematical language of faces, vertices and edges.  If you wish, you may reinforce this learning at home by finding examples of these shapes, especially in food packaging.  A monster point or two to any child who can bring one example of each shape to school!

The children have also revised less than and more than signs – can they explain about the crocodile eating the larger number?

Our biggest challenge at the moment is learning to tell the time – your help with this would be much appreciated as this remains a very difficult and abstract concept for children.  The first step is to learn time in terms of o’clock and half past and then extending to quarter to and quarter past, before moving on to learning the time to every five minutes.  Not forgetting digital time too!

Our English work has centred around traditional tales, where we are trying so hard to make our writing interesting to read while maintaining good grammar and punctuation, not to mention beautiful handwriting.  On this note, we have purchased a mass of special pencils  which children will be able to choose from to use at school, on receipt of a prized handwriting certificate.  These certificates will be given to children who can show us sustained and amazing joined handwriting in their writing across the curriculum.  Competition is rife – we expect certificates to start to be handed out this week.

Reading, as always, is a major focus for Year 2.  As a precursor to the development of good writing, we encourage children to read as much as possible – for this reason, we ask children to read at least four times a week at home.  We do appreciate this is not always possible and Ms Castillo, together with the KS2 librarians, has set up Book Worms.  Book Worms is a ‘reading for pleasure’ activity available to all children, but particularly to children who have been unable to read at home. Year 2 children have the opportunity to read to a librarian every lunchtime if they choose to and are encouraged to make the most of this chance to share their book with the older children.

Thank you once again for your continued support – your children are working so hard to achieve to the best of their ability.  We are very proud of them all.