The Boat Museum and much, much more

It’s been another eventful week in Reception. There has been much activity researching information using nonfiction books as well as the internet to find out about boats. The children have been making and testing boats to see which materials are best and have now created a boat museum. They have researched types of boats found and explored how these boats move. If any of you are at a loose end during the Easter holidays I can strongly recommend a visit to the Maritime museum in Greenwich which is easily accessible by train to Stratford and then onto Greenwich using the Docklands railway. If you sit up towards the front of the train you get to feel like the driver. The museum is free with a fabulous hands on children’s section and there is the beautiful Greenwich park behind in which to picnic. Also you get to walk past the Cutty Sark, the famous tea clipper in the dry-dock.

In the garden we have been busy calculating simple addition using the ball calculator. Please do ask your children how to use it and they may give you a demonstration. We have noticed some of the children are still struggling to recognise their teen numerals. Please could you work on this at home by pointing out numerals in the environment, page numbers, house numbers etc. If you have time it would really benefit your children by encouraging them to order these numbers and looking at which number comes one before (one less) and the next numeral (one more).

I am so excited that all children are now reading words using their phonic sounds. Encouraging them to help you with making lists and writing a sentence on their drawings will really help imbed their sounds, particularly those tricky digraphs.

Next week we will be preparing for the arrival of our fertile hen eggs and hopefully the hatching of our chicks. We are taking a special interest in the start of spring by observing buds bursting into flower. We hope to create art work inspired by natures beauty so we can treat our chicks to a beautiful spring environment upon their arrival. If your children should choose to create some art work at home they are welcome to display it in our Spring home for the chicks.

Have a lovely week. Here are some photos of some of this weeks learning during the ‘explore and learn’ time at school when your children have the chance to choose what and where they want learn.

Using the outdoor calculator to help solve addition problems.

More material testing when making boats for the museum.