Well, here it is,

Another sequence of weeks in which clothes disappear, shoes vanish and accusations of sock theft inundate the space. Yes, it is swimming lesson time. Frolics in the water, Mexican waves on the coach and constant anxiety from staff. I never again want to chase after a coach in the middle of the road in a quiet village on a quest for an abandoned swim kit. It is not dignified.

What a lot of fun it’s been. We started the week off with the Easter service in Church. Decimals and determiners have dominated the landscape. Do ask the children to hunt for nouns and determiners in their books. They must be confident in their identification of sentence parts and maintain understanding of their use, much in the same way a cobbler knows the components that make an adequate boot, else people of previous centuries would have had a bit of a problem on the cobbles.  Grammar is no laughing matter, really, it isn’t. I am interested and fascinated by it but I am rarely laughing. Learning should always be captivating but it can’t all be entertainment. Sometimes it is difficult to convey the message that there are simply things it is good to know and one day, that little nugget of knowledge may just take you somewhere you never imagined.

Miss Castillo