An ode to an ode…

People of Year 4,

This week we have been examining the genre of ode and insult poetry. We read a few examples and discussed the features. Here’s a taste.


Oh tacos, oh tacos

I love you, you see…

But I wonder why

you don’t love me?

Oh tacos, oh tacos

You’re a great sight! so

please, let me have a bite.

by TL

And an insult….

To A Whiteboard

Oh! Whiteboard, you’ve got so much to learn.

You’re as lazy as a snail and as dirty as a worm.

Oh! You’re so lazy, you let people write on you.

Oh! You’re so plain and have no expression.

Oh! Even paper’s better than you.

Oh! You’re a copy of a blackboard.

Oh! You have no purpose!


Odes and insult poetry contain hyperbole, similes and alliteration. The children composed original and entertaining pieces, the two above being examples of ode and insult which capture the genre well.

Thank you to those of you who have found themselves buying  circuit boards. Alarmingly, we are going to be exploring  alarms in the coming week and hopefully not breaking any sound barriers in the process.

We continue to work on decimals and will consolidate our understanding of tenths and hundredths on the place value chart as this is causing some confusion.

Homework has been agreed collectively to accommodate personal interests in the hope that the children will enthusiastically research their chosen area. I look forward to seeing their work in the next two weeks.

Miss Castillo