Year 3 – The day of the Triffids!

Year 3 are turning into budding horticulturists! After receiving a letter from Mr Price, who was having trouble growing his tomato plants, we studied plant growth in order to be able to give him some advice! This generated much enthusiasm and discussion. We planned and carried out our own investigations, looked at which parts of plants we eat, and have found out how plants make their own food and transport water. The children have decided that they would like to plant their beans and tomato plants in the school garden next week. Any parent or other willing volunteers would be greatly appreciated. Please speak to Mrs Finn or Miss Sewell if you are able to help.


Try to find out which parts of the plant coffee, tea and peanuts come from – you might be surprised!

Please complete Mathletics tasks on multiplication and division.

Please continue to practise your weekly spellings and your times tables.