Reception with the animals

Reception has gone ANIMAL CRAZY! Such a fantastic week with visits from Victoria and Nanny Bev, (Kai’s Aunt and Grandmother) who kindly brought with them some very interesting animals for us to observe and feel. I must pass on a very special thank you to Lynn Whitnall from Paradise Wildlife Park as she so generously shared her Zoo animals with us for the morning. Victoria, a Zoo Keeper at London Zoo was very knowledgeable and informative about all the animals. We stroked Maddie the Tenrec from Madagascar, Gary, Victoria’s very own African land snail which was as long as her arm, as well as a golden python and an Australian bearded dragon lizard. The children were incredibly brave and all had written questions such as ‘How many animals do you look after?’ and ‘Why do the animals need food?’ which Victoria patiently answered. I learned something new too. Do you know the difference between a monkey and an ape? It’s very obvious if you look at them. If you still don’t know the answer  then ask your child and they might be able to tell you.

The weather all week has looked ominous but thanks to your prayers and powerful positive thoughts we managed to stave off the rain from Colchester Zoo and we had a marvelous day under the cloudy but dry sky. The children were real troupers as we marched from enclosure to enclosure covering an amazing 3 ½ miles. We fed the giraffes and elephants and some very feisty goats. The children were a real credit to the school and their families as they were polite and listened well throughout the whole day. They have since made a diary entry about the wonderful visit.

Do enjoy the pictures. Rest well and come back tomorrow full of energy ready to race the marathon.