Go for Growth Mindset Gold!

People of Year 4,

What triumphs! Tears of joy, tears of heartache or tears of hayfever. We seem to be getting all three. It’s a scorcher and the aggression of the Summer sun is upon us. I urge children to bring their hats, creams and to take their hayfever remedies, particularly this week when we shall be spending more time outside as we embark on the Science Week adventure. We did have fun in Forest School the other day when we began mapping sections of it and working on our perimeter measuring skills. Also, I introduced the notion of scale, not on fish and not the do-re-mi kind but the map kind and more of which we will explore in what is left of this term which is flying by with such indifferent pace.

In the last few weeks Year 4 and its representatives have made their school proud with their efforts at the tennis and golf tournaments. This week is the District Sports event and of course, last week we had the school sports day in which Year 4 made us all proud and they made us smile. I have to say, I have never seen such a creative approach to the sack race as taken by one year 4 rebel (you know who you are). I wish I had had the wherewithal to do the same back in the day. I was particularly proud of the sportsmanship demonstrated by all the year 4 children no matter which house they represented. It is this quality of dignity in defeat and victory which is so very admirable and a testament to the philosophy of mindset… I did not win this time, I may not win next time but each time I am improving.

Continuing with the subject of sports, we are still finding things out about the Ancient Greeks and  I can assure you that one fact has stuck more than most. It pertains to the Olympics and the fact that the athletes participated in the nude. This is a fact which has been repeated to me many times. Many times.

How lovely that in times of such sadness (when have they not been?) children do not change and never stop putting smiles on our faces.

Miss C