Science week and more in Reception Class

What a fabulous time we had in Reception during science week. The children explored a number of new habitats. They went bug hunting in forest school and kept a tally of the number of insects found. More maths was had measuring the girth of trees using fingers, arms and bodies and this week the children became very creative measuring the distance between the trees using footsteps, giant leaps, arm and body lengths as well as jumping and rolling between the trees. We went pond dipping and discovered many creatures living in the water. We came across tadpoles and frog-lets and wondered if these were the ones we released before the half term.

Our caterpillars arrived by post two weeks ago and within a week had grown from a tiny fingernail size to fat caterpillars a finger length long. Within a week they began to form chrysalises and now we wait until they morph into beautiful butterflies. The children discovered that it is only moth caterpillars that spin cocoons. There has been a flurry of activity this week creating caterpillars with movable parts and the whole class yesterday created a storyboard to retell ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.

We had some incredible art work in the forest school where the wild flowers lent themselves to the creation of water colour pictures. The children learned how to apply a colour wash before painting in detail using more vivid colours applied with finer brushes. Other children created amazingly detailed clay sculptures of insects. There is some real talent in this class with both observational skills and creativity.

Do enjoy our snapshots of the past few weeks.