Year 4 Update

The hot weather has helped us feel like we are indeed in Ancient Greece and I for one am praying to Artemis or Poseidon or someone or other to release us from the punishing heat. Our History Off the Page experience offered learning opportunities that allowed the children to immerse themselves in the cultural practices of the day. Furthermore, the interaction of ‘spies’ and the ‘gossip mongering’ about the imminent Persian invasion added to their understanding of the battle of Marathon we had studied the previous week. Congratulations to all children on their homework contributions, especially one Master Hall whose original piece, The Battle of Marathon in Chocolate has delighted us. Also, one Master McGuiness for his ‘Roll of Democracy’. Toilet roll has taken on a whole new aspect. I might send one to the Minister for Education…. I must thank our parent gods for their contributions to the day. Such an event is possible because of the willingness of the whole school community to get involved. I shall display photographs at open evening.

As the end of term looms we are facing the inevitable sadness of separation and the excitement of holidays! We still have two weeks in which to keep exploring the four operations in maths and the comedy in the works of David Walliams. We have recycled and upcycled in design and technology and have learnt about the significance of the letter K in Sikhism. Also, we have drawn French inspired monsters. This is no slur on the French. The instructions were in French. Six petite pieds rouge, in grande bouche bleu and so on. As you see, dull moments are never to be had.

It was lovely to see so many representatives of Year 4 at the Summer Fair. I am very pleased that all that throwing in games has come in handy. May I suggest further explorations of cricket bowling for those of you who managed to hit the stocks and my person so forcefully. I would have certainly been bowled out. A good time was had by all.

I hope to see you at the various assemblies, services, performances, evenings and farewells!

Miss Castillo