The last week in Reception

Well hello and herewith the final blog for this year’s Reception Class. Everyone has been super busy creating super costumes and completing super Super Hero challenges during our Super Hero week last week. The capes were a particular hit with some beautifully designed motifs on some of them. All children were able to write a Super hero story or sentence about their made up character and loved acting out the ‘Save the world’ scenarios they came up with. The children were really excited to discover that they could read many of the Super challenges set for them. We are immensely proud of how hard this class have worked and how far they have come this year. Well done Reception.

This week we harvested our peas and potatoes. It was like hunting for real treasure digging up the potatoes. I hope you managed to cook them for your tea. How did they taste?

Have a wonderful summer break. Remember the reading challenge at the library. It’s free and they also have audio books for children which can help make a long summer car journey go so much quicker.

Happy Holidays everyone and thank you all for a wonderful year.


Mrs Lewis and The Team

Mrs Felstead explaining how the potatoes grew from seed potatoes to plants. Do you know how we tell when it is time to harvest the potatoes? Ask your children if you don’t know.