Year 2 over and out!

May we wish you all an enjoyable break from school.  The children have been telling us tales of exciting holiday plans and purchases as well as the imminent arrival of babies and puppies!  We know some of these maybe fantasy but for the forthcoming babies, we wish you good luck; we hope you all have speedy and painless deliveries and much joy to follow.

Thank you so much for your generous gifts, we are most grateful and welcome some shopping therapy after this long and busy half term.  You may have noticed we worked until the very end on our topic work about India, with our amazing tiger eyes artwork and the sewing of peacocks. Gladly, the peacocks are now your responsibility and we are relieved that you may now be the ones driven to distraction, hearing the echoes of ‘Peacock! Peacock!’ around you.

On returning, as Key Stage 2 children, the morning routine into school will change slightly and the children remain on the Key Stage 2 playground with you until the whistle is blown.  At this time, the children line up on the playground and you are able to leave them for their teacher to supervise them into class.  Hopefully the children will settle into this routine very quickly.

Thank you for supporting us to make this a very successful year.  The children all worked extremely hard to achieve to the very best of their ability in the SATs and we are very proud of them all.  Please continue to work with your child on the homework provided;  while we appreciate everyone needs a break, we can really notice the difference with those children who keep reading, writing and learning throughout the summer.

With our best wishes for Year 3,

Mrs Brown, Mrs Trowbridge & Mrs Wright