Slip,slop, slap

Growing up in Australia one is always acutely aware of the sun and the damage it can do. So much so that I grew to hate the sun and longed for colder climes in which to live. An ever present image for Australian children of a certain era is the […]

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Sea, sun and the SeaLife Centre

Year 1 have enjoyed a fabulous day at the Sealife Centre in Southend. We saw some amazing sea creatures, had lunch on the promenade by the sea and collected shells on the beach. As always the children were impeccably behaved, a real credit to our school. A few tired children (and […]

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History in the making and Wonderful Wild Arts

Thank you so much everyone for your amazing contributions to our collection of things from long ago. Your children now share a great appreciation for how difficult simple tasks such as washing and cleaning were to achieve in the days before electricity.They have scrubbed clothes on a wash board and […]

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