Great news!

Good evening Firstly, I am happy to announce that a new club will be starting tomorrow at lunch time in response to the popularity of the football card collecting and swapping game that has been going on. It will run all lunchtime, 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm, as a drop […]

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House Representatives

Firstly, apologies to Louie M who became Louise in the recent parent mail version of this document. It has now been corrected! You will now be aware I am sure that we have introduced a House System in school. The following lists the Year 6 children who have been appointed […]

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Marshmallows and microbes

People of year 4, The English language is full of confusion. On this screen there is an instruction telling me to move to bin and then publish. Things aren’t that bad yet, despite global events.  I have been in airplane toilets that command me to depress a pedal. No amount […]

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Aviva voting link

    Thank you to all of you who attended the information evening last Tuesday with regards to the plans we have for the outdoor environment. I will be posting much more information in the near future. I was asked to put the link for the Aviva bid onto the […]

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Autumn walks and exciting discoveries

Last week we learned how to write our own story based on the ‘Bear Hunt’ and this week some children have independently gone off to write their own stories. Ella is off on a ‘Fish Hunt’ and Elodie has written about a ‘Jelly-fish Hunt’.      What a wonderful day we have […]

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Year 6 Engineering

I just thought I would share with you this video of Alex’s Lego model. I’m sure we have a future engineer on our hands! img_0500

Yr 6 Remembrance Week

Year spent the morning exploring World War One poetry before creating some pieces of our own. In the afternoon the children studied a range of different war memorials for our locality and further afield. The children drew some of these before creating their own war memorial. Some examples are shown below. […]

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