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School Council

school_council_clip_image002The School Council provides a representative voice for the children in our school. It meets approximately once every fortnight.  It is made up if two representatives from Years 1 – 6 (12 children) and a member of staff.  It is the responsibility of these children to bring to the Council the opinions of their classmates on matters of interest/concerns that have been discussed in whole class discussions. After School Council has met, outcomes are taken to the Headteacher for consideration and possible action. Some outcomes of Council discussions have been:

  • the installation of liquid soap dispensers in the children’s toilets,
  • the organisation of a fund-raising event to raise money towards purchasing a bench for the playground,
  • choosing a charity to support for our Christmas Performance collections
  • selecting the winners for various competitions and even
  • playing a valuable role in recent selection procedures for senior members of staff.