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Worship Singers

Our Worship Singers sit in pride of place on the stage during Collective Worship and lead the singing.  They were selected for their singing ability, but also their enthusiasm. No one was turned away. So many children wanted to be part of the group when it was formed that we created three groups that sing on a rota and are named after the first three stages of Collective Worship – Gathering, Engaging and Responding.  These children encourage us all to sing our hearts out in praise and celebration and contribute to making our worship even more special.

Sam (Y3)
Ruby (Y3)
Lily (Y4)
Michael (Y4)
Harry (Y4)
Megan (Y5)
Madison (Y5)
Evie (Y5)
Aimee (Y5)
Madison (Y6)
Alice (Y6)
Maisie (Y3)
Georgia (Y3)
Molly (Y4)
Harvey (Y4)
Tom (Y4)
Dennis (Y4)
Uma (Y4)
Emily (Y5)
Felicity (Y5)
Tilly (Y6)
Maisie (Y6)
Maxim (Y3)
Emerson (Y3)
Connie (Y4)
Louie M (Y4)
Brooke (Y4)
Louie E (Y4)
Angelina (Y5)
Roisin (Y5)
Amy (Y6)
Hayley (Y6)
Daisy (Y6)