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Church School Aspects Group

The Church School Aspects Group is a group comprising teaching, support and office staff, clergy, parents and (occasionally) children. Its purpose is to meet half termly to review and consider the actions and impact of our school as a church school from all perspectives so that we are the best and most effective church school that we can possibly be. The group should be accessible to all stakeholders. If you have any questions about it, please speak to Jodie Munt (Mum of Molly in Year 2 and Louie in Year 4) or Sandra Scott (Mum of Leanne in Year 2, Dennis in Year 4 and Daniel in Year 5). Alternatively, if YOU feel that you would also like to be part of the group, please come and talk to me.

One of the things that arose during discussion was that parents do not have a clear idea of the weekly pattern that worship in school takes, which is as follows:

  • Monday: Songs and Worship – a time when we consider carefully the words of the songs or hymns that will be used in Collective Worship for the week and make this into a worshipful experience by reflecting on and responding to those songs.
  • Tuesday: A leading Values Collective Worship
  • Wednesday: The church team of St. Andrew’s Church or other local Christian denomination plan worship linking the aspect of the Value for the week explicitly to the Bible.
  • Thursday: Our celebratory ‘Child of the Week’ Collective Worship where children in every class who have demonstrated an improvement in attitude, work or behaviour or have specifically ‘lived the value’, are identified and praised by their teacher in front of the whole school family. We thank God for the gifts and talents that He gives us.
  • Friday: Class Collective Worship including times of prayer to which parents and friends are warmly invited or Follow-up Values Collective Worship.

The parents on the committee felt that they would like to opportunity to come into school more often to be part of the children’s worship experience. I would welcome this. The most appropriate opportunity would be at 11am on any Tuesday morning when we have the Values Lead for the week. You do not need to inform us that you are coming in advance- just turn up, but please note that occasionally times and types of Collective Worship are subject to change at short notice due to unexpected in-school events.