Year 5

Happy New Year from Year 5!

Dear all parents, carers and friends of Year 5, I would like to begin by saying a Happy New Year to you all. I hope your 2018 is full of happiness, health and wealth. I would also like to say a thank you for all the cards and presents I […]

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May the Force be with you…in Year 5!

Dear parents and friends of Year 5, As we come to the end of our official Science Week, Year 5 have only just started their project into forces, gears and pulleys. On Monday, we were delivered a letter by Father Christmas. He was in desperate need of some assistance as […]

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Year 5 visit The British Schools Museum.

On Thursday 16th November, Year 5 visited The British Schools Museum in Hitchin. We had a great time and learned lots about life as a Victorian child. On our return, Molly composed this recount of the day: “On Thursday 16th November, Year 5 went on a school trip to The […]

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An exciting week for Year 5…

Thank you for all those who turned up to support our class Collective Worship. I think we can all agree that the children showed a sensitivity and deep understanding for Remembrance Day and the sacrifice that soldiers made during World War 1. This week, we are starting our new topic […]

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Happy Half Term from Year 5!

We have reached the end of our first half term in Year 5 and it has been quite an adventure! We have explored France, space, numbers and the life of Roald Dahl all in the last few weeks. I can quite understand why the children need a break and a […]

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Year 5 are thinking about The Creation Story…

As part of our Creation Week, Year 5 have been thinking about the sixth day of the Creation story. We have spent hours designing and working collaboratively to create our own masterpiece to reflect this. We hope it will all come together to show God’s glorious work.

Year 5 Grand Designs!

This week, we have been enhancing our Growth Mindsets and focusing on persistence in the face of adversity! When we are given something that challenges us, do we fall at the first hurdle or do we use the lessons learned to make a better second attempt? I challenged Year 5 […]

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Year 5 cook!

On Friday, Year 5’s taste buds experienced French cuisine! We tried a variety of French food such as croissants, brie, crepes and much more. Although some children were apprehensive at first, everyone tried something new. We rated the food based on our senses and overall experience (Masterchef had better watch […]

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Achievements Galore!

This week we have been stretching our growth mindset muscles and tackling some complicated learning! In Maths, we have been exploring negative numbers and trying to understand that there are numbers less than zero. This is especially hard when you’re used to seeing 0 at the end of the number […]

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Welcome to the Year 5 blog 2017-18!

A warm welcome to all pupils, parents and carers of the Year 5 class! We have had a fantastic week back to school. Already, we are into the swing of learning. Moving into Year 5 can be a shock as more responsibilities are given to the children but they have […]

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