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The You-Can Toucan!

Today we took delivery of the You-Can Toucan. Olivia will be telling us more about this exciting arrival during Collective Worship on Wednesday 1st November at 09:05. Please feel free to come and join us to celebrate our new arrival! 

Year 6 Hamlet Workshop

On Monday 16th year 6 were visited by the Young Shakespeare company for a theater workshop on Hamlet. Benjamin took up the role of Hamlet and tried to work out who had murdered his father (Charlie). Throughout the workshop the children took part in re-enacting scenes and re-telling the story. […]

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Happy Half Term from Year 5!

We have reached the end of our first half term in Year 5 and it has been quite an adventure! We have explored France, space, numbers and the life of Roald Dahl all in the last few weeks. I can quite understand why the children need a break and a […]

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Collaboration for creation!

What an exciting week it has been in year 3. We have been thinking about the bible story of creation this week and were tasked with the challenge of producing some art work to represent the 4th day of the story – ‘The sun, the moon and the stars’. After a […]

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Year 5 are thinking about The Creation Story…

As part of our Creation Week, Year 5 have been thinking about the sixth day of the Creation story. We have spent hours designing and working collaboratively to create our own masterpiece to reflect this. We hope it will all come together to show God’s glorious work.

Hedgehog Homes Found!

What a very busy week its been in year 3! We have begun to use inverted commas in literacy, learnt how to tell the time in maths and designed pictures of our new friends Voldetort, Spike and Buddy in art. Its easy to see that the children have been working […]

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Year One Blog

We have had another lovely week in Year One, this week we have started to look at the story of ‘Creation’ as next week is creation week in school. We celebrated Harvest in church today where Ella, Rowan, Ruben, Holly, Amelia R, Aaran and Elodie shared our Harvest acrostic poem, […]

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The role of the kazoo in harvest rites

People of Year 2, What an extraordinary sound from the children this morning. I think we need to branch out and try our hand at gigs around the county. I gave in to the request of kazoos as prizes and will do what I can to engineer every child earning […]

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It’s Harvest Time

Hi everyone. This week we’ve been busy scouring the school grounds to harvest any plants which may be useful to us. The children delighted in scrambling under the bushes to retrieve the last of the fallen apples. We found an abundance of pears in Copping’s Corner along with raspberries and […]

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