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Year One’s Castle Building Adventures.

Over this half term, Year 1 have worked very hard to create castles inspired by the medieval buildings we have learned about over the last six weeks. We practised creating curved roofs, joining boxes, creating pulleys and working as a team. Have a look at our amazing creations!

Plague and pestilence

A good time was had by all on Wednesday when we were visited by History off the Page. There was plague, pestilence but no pyromania. The children had an opportunity to discover, through practical activities, what life was like in the London of King Charles II. We must thank those […]

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Reading Cloud

Have you visited the Reading Cloud with your child?  Why not share a story together and help us create a love of reading that your child will nurture and pass on to future generations? The Reading Cloud is a fantastic resource the school subscribes to. At home, children can log […]

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Year 4 update

On Monday, we visited a gurdwara (the Sikh place of worship). The children were very keen to find out more about Sikhism and learn about what Sikhs believe and about their place of worship. This week we also took part in Junior Medic Training and learnt how to respond in […]

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