Normans and their chairs.

I was very sorry to miss the trip to Mountfitchet Castle and the Toy Museum but have been most enthusiastically informed about the various features and attractions. What always amazes me is the ability of children to describe in accurate detail the wonders they encounter in life but lose some of the richness in their writing. We are working on rectifying this by focusing on sentence expansion and the use of rich and varied vocabulary.

There were quite a few artefacts the children mentioned but by far the one that caused most of a stir was the fertility chair. Young master Jenkins gave us a demonstrations of how to sit on the chair and recite the incantation that would ensure success. Obviously, I was told about the toilet arrangements and had not the heart to state that some international airports I have attended haven’t modernised beyond the Norman model. Clearly dungeons and witch dunking were discussed as well as the ‘creepy’ dolls in the Toy Museum. We have not finished our recounts of the day as there was much to tell.

We have revisited fractions this week in order to embed our understanding of the basics and then move on to some more complicated questions.

As part of our Up, Up and Away topic, we have been making paper planes and gliders and exploring elements such as height, width, wing span, length of flight and descent. Lots of fun and scientifically informative.

Getting properly acquainted with the Reading Cloud, creating an avatar and writing a biography in the profile section is all part of this week’s homework. I hope that my instructions make it easier to log on. The children will need some help with this until they are used to it and if problems persist, please let me know so we can get some guidance from the Reading Cloud people.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you for your very kind words regarding my brush with mother nature on the weekend. One of the things that has kept me going is the loving community at St Andrew’s, particularly the children and their very deep concern for my pets.

Thank you,

Miss Castillo