Special Agent Training in year 2

In the past week we have endeavoured to refine maths and English skills as part of our ongoing drive to embed understanding and knowledge. Given that assessment season is upon us, it is an opportunity to put this understanding to the test. However, this is one part of the picture only. Throughout the year, the children in Year 2 have shown me that they are more able than they might think to meet challenges thrown their way. I have been proud and moved by their efforts. Naturally, there is always room for improvement. Some children have gifts that an assessment on paper cannot capture and yet, all children have demonstrated an ability to push themselves beyond the norm. Admittedly they have not always been enthusiastic about another comprehension piece or ever more mathematical conundrums but no one has balked from trying. Growth mindset is well and truly alive in their sustained efforts and for this I am heartened. Each and every one of them has character and brightness. Each and every one of them has a shining light and this alone stands them in good stead. As we travel to the final two weeks of the half term and complete one part of the assessment picture, I look forward to more mayhem in year 2, replete with a diet of assessments and lots of puppets, flying machines and a bit of gardening along the way.

Miss Castillo