History in the making and Wonderful Wild Arts

Thank you so much everyone for your amazing contributions to our collection of things from long ago. Your children now share a great appreciation for how difficult simple tasks such as washing and cleaning were to achieve in the days before electricity.They have scrubbed clothes on a wash board and wrung out washing using their hands before putting it through the very old (and very stiff) mangle. All have joined in, finally pegging up the damp clothes on our washing line (a great job for little helpers at it really strengthens their small fingers in preparation for writing). There was great discussion today about how the clothes actually dry and why the mangle is useful.Next we talked about what mums and dads do after the washing is brought in and discovered that it magically appears in their drawers.  With a little prompting we decided that somebody folded and ironed it which led to using the very heavy irons and wondering how they were heated without electricity.

There has been tremendous discussion about what things in ‘The Olden Days’ were made of as plastic was not invented yet. This has led to further investigation using the metal detectors to decide whether classroom items may have been used in the olden days or not. So much learning and so much more to do. We hope to create a special classroom museum which you can visit when we have  completed it. Next week we will be writing about all these experiences and what we have learned. We will also begin to label our exhibits.

Arts week has been a wonderful opportunity to explore our creative selves in forest school. We tried our hands at weaving in the trees and made ‘boggets’ funny faced creatures to live among the plants. We created amazing nature collages which we now use in our small world wildlife park and we’ve been painting the beautiful wildflowers.

Here is a snippet of what your children have been doing.

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all next week.