Photos from the Nursery Class Trip to Paradise Wildlife Park

On Thursday 7th June the Nursery class went on a trip to Paradise Wildlife Park. We were excited to travel by coach!

We went on a dinosaur adventure and loved it when one dinosaur squirted us with water.

Olivia said “The best bit was seeing the dinosaurs!”

We dug in the sand for dinosaur bones.


We visited the classroom and found out which animals have fur, feathers or scales.

Jack H said “I liked the colours on the tiger!”

Abigail said “I liked the snakes because I haven’t seen one in water before”

Bela said “The snow leopard was beautiful”

After lunch we had some time to play in the playground, then got back on the coach to return to Nursery.

We had a fantastic time, a few of us were so tired we fell asleep on the coach on the way back to school!