Free money for St Andrews

Aside my teaching role at St Andrews, I have responsibility to fundraise for additional equipment and resources for the school. We’ve been successful so far in a number of grant applications which have enabled the school to invest in the Forest Schools project and buy equipment for the trim trail.

However, with more funding, there is so much more we could do!

I have set up a school Easyfundraising account:

Every time a supporter of our school uses Easyfundraising for making an online purchase, the school receives a small donation. It’s free money!

So far, we have just 10 supporters and have raised £13. If every parent, grandparent, friend and relative registered with Easyfundraising we could dramatically increase the amount we raise. Other schools have raised thousands of pounds – I’m sure St Andrews can be just as successful!

Please visit the site and register as one of our supporters – the more money we raise, the more wonderful things we can invest in to supplement your child’s education.

Mrs Thomas