Finding our sea legs.

And thus we arrive at the end of Week 2 in Year 2. I think it appropriate to use nautical references as we have been immersing ourselves in the life on the ocean blue as told by pirates.

There have been some stormy seas as we have become aware of Captain Davey’s never ending demands. The high seas have nothing on the excesses of spelling! Every day the captain has insisted we tackle the perilous ‘a’ which sounds like an ‘or’. If ye be not careful ye will make a mistake. She will be testing these small words on Monday. We would rather walk the plank than forget all these words etched on our ship’s tall,wall. Almost everybody seems to know them already.

One of our pirate crew has presented a message in a bottle! Another crew member has delighted the captain by bringing in a treasure map! The captain quite likes rum but will be more than happy with maps, pictures, poems and songs or shanties.

The captain would like to receive homework by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Reading is the best antidote to being on long voyages. Blackbeard, Bluebeard and every other colour of the rainbow beard did not have an internet on which to commit pirate acts. They had to learn how to read maps, understand the ocean, learn about counting to count the booty. This being said, we, as crew members are doing quite a lot of counting and learning about using different combinations of numbers to make an amount. We need these skills.

Captain Davey looks forward to meeting the families of her crew members on land at the Meet the Teacher event on Thursday next. This is followed in the evening by an information session on the topic of SATS.

Captain Davey