Hello from Reception

Welcome all. What an eventful few weeks we’ve had in Reception.

You’ll all be pleased to know that the children are settling beautifully and are already managing their new full daily routine and lunch time in the dining hall.Thank you all parents who are helping them learn to use cutlery at home. We are really seeing a change in their ability to manage this at school.

It was all very exciting this week with PC Charlie coming into school to share her expertise and her special uniforms for us all to try. (I would love to share the fabulous photos but sadly I cannot until all the forms regarding whose photos I can use, are returned.)PC Charlie was a star, joining in our Police Role Play in the garden. She even turned on the fabulous flashing lights and siren when departing. This has promoted much exciting role play and opportunities for your children to communicate with each other, negotiate roles and share equipment. Next week we will look at making number plates for our cars and scooters (promoting number recognition) and develop our understanding of road safety.

The children also went on a Harvest walk around the school grounds. We managed to harvest apples, pears, strawberries, mint and beans to name a few items. This week we will learn to use the pastels to create observational drawings of the vegetables and take them to our Harvest Festival on 15th October. You are very welcome to join us at St Andrew’s church for this celebration. There is also a box in the classroom for you to leave your harvest donations which will go to the local food bank.

Our maths focus for the last few weeks has been on comparing height, recognising shape in our environment and comparing amounts through data collection using the language – how many, more, less and fewer. This week we will look more carefully at counting specific amounts to ten and adding one more. You can help with this at home by counting anything and everything with your child.

Thank you for spending time each day reading with your children and practising their sounds. We will begin handing out books with words once your child is secure with blending three sounds consistently. You can help with this at home simply by tuning your children into sound with toy talk. For example sounding out familiar words and asking your children to get those items. eg c-u-p, f-or-k  Please try to limit this to three sounds a word at first.

Happy practising and see you all on Monday.

Mrs Lewis